As most of you know Lyndz is basically my best friend in the whole world these days. We spend our time together running around, chatting, swimming, and enjoying (or some days just coping with) the Boys. I was so excited for her and Dust to make their first trip home over spring brake but a little bumed that I would be stuck here in Portland and miss her birthday!

I wasn't about to let their little trip get in the way of us Portland girls celebrating another year of Lyndz, so I started planning. We've heard so much about Papa Haydns desserts I decided it would be the perfect location. I e-mailed the girls and made the reservation for July 24th. I decided that at the last minute I would tell her Aaron bought something on-line and the two of us needed to go get it.

Nicole was worried that she would jump in the car in her PJ's and then be sad that she wasn't all dolled up for her big night. So earlier that friday Nicole called up Lyndz and asked if she could practice doing her make up before a trial she had that night. It worked out perfect and you'll see just how beautiful Lyndz ended up looking.

The girls did great at keeping the secret! I though Bex added an nice touch when she casually asked us what we were up to that night, lol I almost said, "we're going for desserts remember!?!" good thing Lynz piped up with an answer first!

I got us lost going down there and just about ripped Lyndseys head off when she tried to take my paper to check the directions. We ended up having to stop and ask for direcions. Since I couldn't just yell out that we were looking for Papa Haydns I actually jumped out of the drivers street and ran over to a couple to whisper where we were going, which was just two blocks away.

We got out and started looking for "the guy with the book" to no avail. I thought Lyndz would start catching on when I ran back for my wallet and camera but when she asked what I was doing I just mumbled something about getting my valuables and walk on ahead of her. I walked into the restaurant, past the hostess, and around the back wall where 8 of our closest friends yelled, "SURPRISE!"

She was shocked!!! All she could say was "You jerks! ha ha I can't believe you did this!" We had a great night together celebrating our friend, eating cake, and visiting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDZ, YOUR ONE IN A MILLION!

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lynz said...

such stinkin cute pictures!!! love them and love you and loved that night soooo much :) thanks chickee poo!