!!!Happy Canada Day!!!

We may be living in the USA but we still know where we came from, CANADA!!!! Most of you know that July 1st is Canada day, Canada's official birthday. Back home we like to celebrate with food, parades, festivals, family, and fireworks and this year was no exception.

With Aaron's brake and the arrival of baby Miles our families have made plans to come down and visit and July 1st magically fell into place. At first it looked like just Aaron's Dad and Sister would be joining his Mom down here for the day but then my parents plan's had to take a little shift and they ended up down here on the first as well! It was so much fun to have everyone here together, I never imagined that we would be hosting a family BBQ on Canada day while living in this tiny apartment in Portland.

To help Celebrate Canada Day properly everyone brought a few of our favorite Canadian treats. We had 4 kids of old dutch chips (including Ketchup), an assortment of Cadbury Chocolate bars, Rogers golden, Marble cheese, etc. It was awesome! The only thing missing was Tim Horten's doughnuts, lol.

After a traditional pancake breakfast we headed to the wood burn outlet malls to walk off out breakfast and work up and appetite for our blow out BBQ. It was beautiful out and I think we all found a few good buys before packing up to head home around 2:30. By the time we got home and got the food prepared we were HUNGRY!

Here's AJ in his new kicks and basketball short from the outlet mall, so cute!

After eating more than we really had room for we all squeezed into our swimsuits and went to the pool. Sorry Poy, we just couldn't wait the suggested two hours, just ignore the life guard inside you and jump in! All though not everyone got in the pool AJ made sure everyone at least got a soggy hug and I was able to go swimming for the first time since having Miles. I was getting so sick of sitting by the pool instead of enjoying the cool water on these hot summer days.

Anyways it was a great day full of family fun, thanks to all of you for coming to visit and making our Canada Day feel a little bit more like the ones back home!


Kels said...

i honestly can't even believe how crazy you are, doing all these activities! i hope i can be like that with my next one, instead of wanting to just pass out all the time! lol.

Kels said...

p.s. i need those glosette peanuts. in my mouth. asap.

Lorraine said...

What a fun day we had! I enjoyed all our activites and especially spending time with everyone that was there. I love the pictures you've posted - especially AJ jumping in the pool!