You've all seen the pictures. She's old, worn out, and pretty wussy but I think the following post will help explain why we here at Sandstone are sing our praise....to the pool!

July 28th 2009 Portland OR.
By 7:30AM it was already 75 degrees out. This is usually the time for opening windows and letting the breeze cool things off a bit but not today. Thing were already hot and on the rise! We had to run to Wal-Mart for groceries and little swimmer, with out the swimmers we couldn't go in the pool and that simply wasn't an option. Man was it cookin', by 12:00 we hit 90 degrees.

Naps were not as successful as we would have hoped, it was simply to hot to keep the boys in their rooms for more than an hour or so. By 3:45 we were, once again, sing our praise to the beautiful pool! with the temperature hitting 100 degrees the cold water was just the thing we needed.

We stayed at the pool until 5:45 when Aaron got home and joined us for a quick dip. Most of the Air conditioners at their school weren't working today, which means he spent moat of his time day dreaming of the pool and all her cool goodness. After dinner it was off to bed for Age and off to baseball for Dad. I couldn't believe that he was still going to play when it was 104 degrees but there was no stopping him.

At 11:00 we where still in the high 80's low 90's when AJ came out of his room to declare his annoyance with the heat. He said he needed MORE WATER and "AJ all sweaty Mom, no like it!" since this was already his second time getting up we devised a plan.

Step one - get the cool air moving faster!

Step two - move the mattress from our room to the living room

Step three - get the boys settled

Step four - Tuck in for the night


MotherBeck said...

I was lying in bed last night worrying about all of my buds over there at sandstone...Hopefully you will be able to bare it...

lynz said...

haha - i think that's one of my favorite posts ever! love aj's mad face and love that miles is just there snoozin on the ottoman beside you guys! love it :)

Jeff and Amy said...

AJ cracks me up! I don't know how you guys on the second floor are surviving! Just a few more days then this dang heat will finally go down.

Nicole Wagner said...

Steve slept in our living room too lol....It doesn't bother me that bad....I can sleep in 85 degree heat easy...I just pretend i'm on a tropical beach and away I go....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz