These are a few of my favorite things….

AJ still loves Miles, we have had our moments but over all things are going better than I could have dreamed. The first few weeks after bringing Miles home AJ really fought his bed time. He would scream and cry and even come out of his room which resulted with a few nights back in the crib. It lasted a few weeks and now things are back to normal. He loves snuggling with miles and tries to help out sometimes but overall he just ignores him since Miles is mostly just sleeping!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about my little buddy AJ, or Smage as we call him, so that I can remember them when looking back:

1. He never stops talking – some people think that AJ is a lot like Aaron because he comes of kind of shy and quiet but as soon as he’s comfortable you’ll see that this is not the case. AJ LOVES to talk! He will tell you everything he see’s out the window when driving in the car, where he wants to go and what he wants to do when he gets there. He recently started telling stories, which take forever, and he will tell you the same one 3 or 4 times in a row. I also have to be very carful what I say because AJ is like a little parrot. Sometimes I feel like I have a permanent echo when Age is around, it’s funny how many things I say in my everyday life that I think is no big deal until I hear it come out of my 2 year old mouth. Such as: Oh my gosh or what and idiot! (Two common phrases I use while driving! Opps!)

2. His memory is unfailing - AJ will go to a friend’s house ONCE and every time we see them or he hear about them later he will tell you about his favorite toy at their house. He remembers words to all the songs we sing at night and the theme songs to his favorite movies. He knows where he left his toy and where he saw me hide the gum yesterday and he NEVER forgets a promise once we have made it.

3. His favorite Movie is Toy Story – It was Cars for about 6 months, then Shrek for another 2 and now Toy Story. He could watch Toy Story 1 & 2 all day everyday. I will hear him quoting these movies all the time, I think his favorite line is when Woody says to Buzz, “YOU ARE A TOY!!!” It is hilarious how he tries to sound just like Woody when he doses it too!

4.AJ-isums – these are words or phrases that AJ uses all the time that totally crack me up.

a.The first is Chur AKA Sure, not only dose it sound so cute when he says it but it’s the times he uses it too. “Mom AJ have candy please?” “That’s your last one AJ do you want to eat it?” “Uh……Chur Mom, AJ eat it”

b.My next favorite thing he says is TA DA! I am not sure where he picked this one up but every time he finds something, learns a new skill, or finishes a task you ask him to do he ends it with a big TA DA! It’s cute but can get a little only at dinner time, “Take another bite please AJ” “TA DA!!!”

c.To Boring. This is how AJ tells you he is done an activity. When he get’s tired of the park, a movie, shopping, a doctor’s appointment, riding in the car, etc. he simply notifies me that it is “to boring mommy!”

At the age of Two AJ was able to sing the alphabet, recognize every letter and tell you its sound. He could count to 20, name all his body parts, and new most of the colors. He could sing along to about 15 different songs and would make up his own songs while playing in his room.

As I sit up at nights feeding Miles I can’t believe that it has been more that two years since AJ was born. He is such a big boy already and we are so proud of the little man he is growing up to be.

I ad to add these pictures in quick. Today we were at the pioneer days and AJ fell f the picnic table and his head pin balled between the bench and the stroller, poor little guy!


Lorraine said...

I love this blog. Thank you for sharing what you love about AJ - it's great to read about the little things that we miss because we are far away. So sorry about AJ's nose - hope he's feeling better.

lynz said...

love this kid!!! i love all of the same things you do and i was just chatting with him in the car today and seriously.....he is sooo stinkin cute and smart and fun, and i love spending so much time with him and you and baby miles as age calls him :)

Nicole Wagner said...

we love AJ too. sweet sweet boy. it's been fun watching him grow up! I can't believe how well he can talk now.