Boys are the best! I may seem a little bias since I only have boys and they happen to be the three cutest little boys ever born but I happen to know that my BFF and sister in law also agrees with me so...... we must be right. Boys are the best!

I feel so blessed to be AJ, Miles, and Nates Mom. It is A LOT of work and they definitely keep me on my toes but I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING. I can't think of anything better then snuggling my boys and feeling my heart melt every time I hear "I YU YOU MOMMY!" from Miles, or "You my best girl!" from AJ. What could make me happier than having someone hand an inconsolable baby Nate back to me and seeing him calm down right away just because he's in MY arms!

Motherhood is happiness and these handsome little men are the light of my crazy, exhausting, and oh so blessed life. Love you boys!

There's nothing better than family and I am turely blessed in mine.


Holly Lujan said...

Boys ARE the best and your boys are some of my favorite boys in the entire world. AJ is such a sweet tender little guy. Miles is so cute, spunky and crazy. Nate is so adorable and I love his chin quiver.

Anonymous said...

You are one awesome grandaughter, Lacey, you make everyone feel so loved and important, especially Aaron and your boys, we are so fortunate to have you in our family, you set such an exemplary example. Love you all, we enjoy your blog immensley. Great
Gramps and Gramma P.

Andrea, Josh, and Cohen Johnson said...

You are absolutely right! I've just got to love my boys too.