Close enough!

My boys may not have sisters but the Wagner girls are close enough! We love the Wagners and our boys just can't seem to get enough of their girls, they could play togetehr all day everyday and lots of days they do just that! They will be together from 8:00AM until story tiem at night just running between the houses, playing at the park, riding horses (aka their bikes), swimming, playing out back, they just love being together!

Some times I have to get a little creative to keep them busy and stop them from messing up my freshly cleaned house. They other day I had cleaned and feed Nate and came up with the idea of having a bike cleaning and fixing workshop. THEY LOVED IT! they must have washed and worked on their bikes for over and hour, it was great!

They worked so hard they needed a picnic to help refule them, MAN I LOVE THESE KIDS!

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