Helping hands

It was so nice to have the Wolff girls here for a few days to meet baby Nate and keep the boys busy while I settled in a home with little Nate. They were able to stay just long enough to spend one night with Grandma Poytress and then they where off to visit more friends up in Powlle river. Thanks Girls we love you!

GRANDMAS HERE!!!!! I seriously have no idea where I would be without this wonderful woman. I actually tried for a summer babies because I know she has summer off work. She came to clean my house and bake me lasagnas after AJ was born and then with my last two babies she has come down to Portland and stayed for 10 days to take care of our little family. She does it all, cooks, cleans, MAKES me nap, swims with the boys, goes to the park, sews blankets, feeds baby, changes diapers, sleeps on the couch, runs to the store, and even stays up all night with our babies so that we can get a full night sleep. W-O-W! I know you are all asking yourselves, "does this woman rent out because I need her at my house!!!" but alas she does not. Lorraine was just the amazing icing on the cake of my marriage to Aaron, sorry ladies!

Grandma and AJ 2007

Grandma and Miles 2009

Grandma and Nate 2011

The days flew by and I was in shock where it was ALREADY time for Grandma to head back home. My heart always breaks when she leaves as does her's, she really hates saying goodbye to the boys. She gets all watery eyed when she has to leave these adorable little men but we knew she would be back in a few weeks to introduce Grandpa to our newest Baby boy, Nate. Love you Lorraine, thank-you for helping our family adjust to our new status of, Family of FIVE!

Thanks for everything Lorraine I don't like to think of where I would be without you! Love you!


Linds said...

Wow! She is amazing. And loving those pictures of little Nate. He is a doll!!

Lorraine said...

Oh, Lacey! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments. I love being a grandma and holding my perfect little grandchildren when they are so tiny. Thank you for allowing me to come and share that precious time with you. It is a great blessing to me. I can't wait until you are here and I can help you more often.