HaPpY 30tH bIrThDaY!!!

Just in case you haven't gotten the message, I think my husband is the most amazing man, Husband, Friend, Chiropracter, and FATHER in the whole wide world! And this year is his golden birthday, he turns 30 on the 30th of August. I know that 30 is kind of a big deal but I think Aaron is taking it all in strid. He is married, has three fantastic little boys who absoulutly love him, he is about to graduate from chiropractic school, and is about to move home and start a whole new adventure!

You are the hottest 30 year old I have ever seen and I am so proud of all the you are. You have made a lot of sacrifices for our family and your selflessness is unparalle. Thank-you for being the head of our home, you are an amasing man. Happy Birthday Poy! Enjoy "THE WHO!"

Love you Poy!

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Linds said...

Happy birthday old man! Oh wait, I'm older, so what does that make me? Oh well! Looks like he got spoiled.