It's Nate, not Nathan.

This is my baby:

He is just too cute and I am so in love with him I can't even put it into words! When he arrived eight weeks ago we had a really tuff time picking a name for him we loved Nate but felt like he needed a proper or more traditional name so in the end we went with Nathan but we call him Nate. Nathans a great name but for our little man Nate or Nater is just a better fit.

Nate is a great baby, he LOVES to sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep! He went to a 4 hour feeding schedule in the first two weeks and has basically stuck to it ever since. He usually nurses at 12:00, 4:00, and 8:00. during the day and then like 11:00 and 5:00 at night. I know that we could be doing some sleep training but we are doing pretty good with our routine. We decided that we will sleep train him after our trip to California. He has no bedtime routine, sleeps in the sling, his chair, on the couch, my bed, and occasionally on his daddy's chest.

I know that we are creating all kinds of bad habits and many Moms out there will tell me to ESTABLISH A ROUTINE and put him to sleep in the crib starting right now but I say "FORGET IT!" We did all that with Miles and you know what? we missed out on way to many snuggles and loves and I regret it! I don't think it will take that long to brake the habits when we decide to, with AJ he was 8 months and it took three nights. They were long crappy nights but so worth the 8 months of snuggly love!!!

Aside from sleep Nate is a great nurser and likes being in the water as much as possible. He likes listening to music and LOVES reading books. He has rolled over about 10 times in the past three weeks and is okay with tummy time. He had silent reflux so he can't be on his tummy to much after eating but before he eats he is happy to be on his tummy and sucking his fists. He even sleeps on his tummy half the time! (shhhhhh.... that is our secret since it is now a major no no to sleep your babies on the tummies!)

At 8 weeks he is still a Major bobble head but I think its just because he spends about 19 hours a day sleeping and just seems to lazy to look around and everything when he is awake. He just stares at who ever is closes to him, which is usually me or Age. He weighs about 11 and a half pounds and is just moving out of newborn and into 0-3 month clothing. He has also upgraded to the size 1 diapers. He coo's occasionally but is more of a listener, maybe just because I talk so much!!! ha ha ha. Anyways I have got a few little smiles out of him but boy did he make me work for them and he mostly smiles in the middle of the night. I think this is because during the day it is usually so crazy around here he is to busy trying to figure out what is going on all around him to waste time smiling.

He is so cute I wish that I had a million more pictures of him to share but I will keep snapping what I can in between the caious that is my life! Love you Nate.


kelsey said...

Oh man, that picture of you lying beside tiny nate holding his hand just made me a little teary. There is nothing better than those moments.

Also, both my girls were 8 months when we let them "cry it out." Just like AJ, it took 3 days, tops. Well worth all those extra snuggles for sure. I totally agree with you, they are only that little for a small space in time, get as much as you can! Also, mine sleep on their tummies too. I won't tell if you won't! lol. He's so precious, when am I ever going to meet these boys?!?!?

Linds said...

I love your attitude about the sleeping. Sometimes you can get so hung up on training your baby to sleep that you forget to enjoy your baby. And your little men are just so cute. They all have these adorable little face, I just want to eat them all.