Grandpas here!

Of course Grandma Poytress moved it for a few weeks when we brought little Nate home but what about Grandpa? He was so busy with the Fort Macleoud Triathalon hw jsut couldn't get away but the day it was over him and Grandma jumped in the Corvett and headed straight for Portland!!

Like everyone else Papa fell in love with Nate the minute he saw him. We spent the weekend at the pool, park, and Saturday market but alas I seem to have forgoten that I owned a camera during all these events and so there are none. I will try to get some from Lorranie and then post them. Until then here's our little man with his Papa and Grandma Poytress:
Look at those yummy Voodoo's in the background! New baby to snuggle and delicious Voodoo??? sounds like a perfect night!

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