Last Peterson trip to P-town!

As Aaron's schooling draws to a close so do the Grandparent trips to beautiful P-town. When my parents made their was down to Portland this time it not only marked their first time meeting Nate but also their last trip to Portland to see and play with our little family. They will be back for Graduation and to help us move but there won't be a lot of time for play.

Anyways we did our very best to fit it all in shopping, swimming, Saturday market, Mexican restaurant, Mt. Saint Helen's, Voodoo, Park time, we did it all!!!! And the best part??? My sister Mandy was able to make it down with my parents and join us for the whole thing!

Odiously meeting little Nater was number one on every ones list. He arrived just under one month ago and Skype just isn't enough! Grandma and Grandpa where just itching to get little Nate in their arms.

Mandy is new to tiny tine babies but she did great! Her and Nate has a nice long snuggle one day so I could FINALLY straighten my hair, Thanks Mand!
We love hitting up the troutdale outlet mall, it may not be huge but it has all the stores we like and is nice and close to home. Plus Mom had some major shopping to do with baby Nate, little Milo, and sweet little Gema all just arriving. 47 and already they've got 7 grand kids under their belts, good work team! The boys don't love shopping but they do enjoy running a muck and playing on the quarter rides, well most of them. Miles was not a fan of this one when it started moving, wonder how he'll do in Disneyland!?!
It was pretty hot while the Family was here so we hit up the pool a few time, we really wanted to try and get grandma a tan, but it doesn't work if she hides under a blanket!

Mandy Loved Saturday market as we all do!

we love this place but my Dad LOVES this place!
And a first for everyone was a trip to Mt. Saint Helens. Mandy loves Mt. Saint Helens and it was just to close to not go see. I was not up for the trip with little Nate so me and Mom stayed home while everyone else headed to the Mountain. They had a great time and Mandy was in heaven!

It was so much fun to have the family down here. I had a great day with my Mom at home just the two of us, we may not have any pictures of our girls day but it was a blast and it made me even more excited to move back to my home and native land!

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