I call him Charle.

This is AJ:

But I call him Charlie. I am the only one who dose it and I love that it is MY own special nick name for him. I think people think I am crazy when I am at the park and calling him AJ half the time and Charlie the other half but I don't care. They probably think I'm crazy for a million other reasons anyways! Ha ha ha.

AJ is 4 and a half now and measuring 43 inches tall and right around 40 pounds. He is right in the 50% for his age so he is pretty average in size but not much else! AJ can already spell multiple words, and yes he spells them right! Don't worry I am letting Aaron help him learn to spell instead of me for OBVIOUS reasons! He can count to 50, paint a good picture, and read simple words. His teacher says that he is already doing what they do at the end of kindergarden so I think he is one the right track. Such a little smarite pants.

AJ also loved sports. I would say that his favorite is still baseball but he loves playing anything especially if its with his Dad. They love to go hit a bucket of balls together and all though I would loved to be there to watch AJ and teh driving range it is guys bonding time so....I am NOT invited! I don't know if swimming is considered a sport by all but if it was AJ could be in the junior olympics! We is a little fish and I can't keep him out of that pool! As soon as we get there he drops his towle, which must mean, "can't you please go put this on my chair Mom." and dives straight in the deep end. He always wears his goggles and prefers to swim under water but is working on his over hand stroke as well.

Although AJ has lots of friends he can still be a little shy when he is put in a big crowed of kids he isn't familiar with. He dosen't really get scared he is just a little quiet and prefers to watch. Yesterday we went to Megans birthday partyand she had 6 other 7 year old kids from school there and AJ was a little quieter than normal. He didn't get up and run around like a crazy person with the other boys, or get his face painted but he did the craft and watched thekids paint their faces and played under the table when they were being puppies. I talked to them all one on one but just not the whole group at once. He said he had a great time!

AJ is a picky eater and we really have to fight to enforce the, "you have to try everything at least once rule." because if it was up yo him we would eat nothing but cereal, nuggets, mac'n'cheese, noodle soup, cheese strings, apples, carrotts, peanut butter sandwiched, power bars, or cinnimon toast. Oh and lots of milk and juice!

I love AJ so much he's my little helper man by day and my snuggle bug at night, love you!

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Linds said...

You forgot to mention that he is absolutely ADORABLE!!! So cute! And his eating habits sound a lot like my Olivia's.