Melting my heart and greying my hair.

This is Miles:
I swear I have hundreds of picture of him just like this, I seriously can't take enough close ups of his adorable little face. I love those big hazel eyes and those chubby little cheeks, when he smiles at me my heart just melts! Of course he isn't always smiling at me, sometimes he is smirking, yelling, frowning, or even giving me his Gollum face. This is the face he makes when things aren't going he way and he decided that screaming is the best way to deal with it:
Pretty scary eh!? ha ha. Miles is now 27 months old, he weighs 32 pounds and is 35 inches tall (just under 3 feet!)and he has become quite the little character. Anyone who knows Miles pretty much loves him, he is such a little stinker but in the most endearing way possible. Miles is a man of action, he likes to get out there and experiance life first hand good or bad he does it all!

Must know about Miles at age two:

He LOVES having FREZZING cold water dumped, splashed, or sprayed Directly lin his face. If no one else is willing to do it for him he just dose it himself and for Miles it brings utter Joy!

Miels also likes playing with Friends. He loves running with the big kids, danceing around the house, raceing his cars around the big couch in the living room, riding bikes, and just plain running wild. He dosen't really get organized sports yet so if the kids are playing it and he's not sure how to get involved he just steals the ball and runs away. Thus creating a new game, come get miles!

He is full of energy and I love all the crazy things he dose, even though he is turning my hair grey with all his mischife!

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Linds said...

Bah ha! Is it bad if I think the Gollum face is funny? Such a cute kid!