It is September and still beautiful! We may have gotten a late start on summer but it is lasting into fall and we are lovin' it! We decided to take our kids and head out to Jamison park.we really have only been there once this year and trust me I am NOT going back!!!! Look at this place! One Mom and three kids, I could lose one so easy!!!! I was so nervous the whole time just pacing back and forth watching the boys with Nate in the sling, gave me a tummy ache. The boys on the other hand had a blast!


lynz said...

i want to comment on every blog, but i have to get to this RS thing, so here it is summed up for you.....
holy crap! miles is getting soooooo big! and he just keeps getting cuter and cuter - i miss him!
jamison, how we miss you oh so very very much. please don't forget us.
charlie - seriously can't get enough of this kid! love his outfits and his kindness and just his whole cute little self! miss you age!
sunday walks - super duper cute pics! love the one of your all snugged up with nate. you're lookin good lace - seriously so good!

and i think that's it :) oh and i miss you too and i want to meet nate and i want to live below you again. k, peace.

J said...

I was so nervous going that day as well. I really did lose Camo for a few seconds. So scary.